Axbio Inc.

Axbio  was established in 2016 with R&D centers in the United States, China and Europe. The company was founded by many Silicon Valley serial entrepreneurs, executives of multinational groups, senior engineers and scientists. Its professional fields cover chip development, nanotechnology, microfluidics, biotechnology, bioinformatics, big data, artificial intelligence, etc. Capital injection from top VC institutions.

The company has successfully developed a microfluidic Bio-CMOS platform capable of high-throughput sequencing and molecular diagnostics. The platform’s versatility makes it possible to manufacture a wide range of systems, from low-cost handheld devices for bedside diagnostics and consumers to fully automated instruments for independent laboratories and hospitals.

Axbio provides sequencing and diagnostic systems, as well as biochips and detection reagents. Typical applications include early cancer screening and detection, rapid pathogen detection and drug development. The company also provides customized services for chemical synthesis reagents, multiple pathogen detection kits and multiple sample nucleic acid extraction kits.

Axbio  always upholds the vision of “Wisdom Leads to Change”, never forgetting its original intention, forging ahead, constantly innovating, providing customers with high-quality services and high-quality products, developing more cutting-edge high-end life science instruments, Contribute to the development of science and biotechnology!