Stool genome extraction kit

Product Description

This kit is capable of manually extracting purified high quality human or bacterial genomic DNA from fresh or frozen stool samples. Fecal samples usually contain many compounds that degrade DNA and inhibit downstream enzyme reactions. To ensure that these substances are removed, the lysate GLB in the kit is capable of efficiently lysing the sample. In addition, the buffered RLB in the kit can simultaneously recover DNA and remove impurities. The extraction kit can avoid DNA degradation. The purified genomic DNA has high purity and good integrity and can be directly used for downstream enzymatic reactions such as 16s rRNA sequencing and metagenomic sequencing.

Product Features

  1. The extracted DNA has high purity and good integrity, and can be directly used for downstream reactions such as PCR and gene sequencing. In addition, the kit contains no hazardous chemicals to ensure the safety of laboratory personnel.
  2. The extracted genomic product has almost no degradation, high purity and large yield.
  3.  Simplify the operation process, easy to use.
  4.  Efficient removal of PCR inhibitors for reliable detection of DNA.
  5. More variety of bacteria can be extracted using this product. Experiments show that the genomic DNA extracted from this product can be sequenced by gut microbiota to obtain more OTU.

Product specifications: 50T
Storage conditions: 15-25 ° C dry preservation
Product application: A human or animal solid or a stool sample stored in a preservationn solution.
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