Blood Genome Extraction Kit

Product description

The blood genomic DNA extraction kit uses a silica gel membrane centrifugal adsorption column that can specifically bind to DNA and a unique buffer system. The adsorption column used by the company can efficiently and specifically adsorb genomic DNA, and the lysate in the kit. GB can efficiently lyse samples. The extraction kit can avoid DNA degradation, and the purified genomic DNA fragment is large, high in purity and good in integrity, and is suitable for various conventional operations such as PCR, enzyme digestion, library construction, etc., and can also be obtained in downstream quantitative real-time PCR. Sensitive and reliable results.
Product features
  1. No organic extraction or ethanol precipitation
  2. Good repeatability and high output
  3. Complete removal of contaminants and inhibitors
  4. The use of a fast spin column simplifies the process of separating DNA from blood or related body fluids. The kit handles fresh or frozen whole blood samples with conventional anticoagulants such as EDTA, citrate and heparin.
  5. The blood sample can be vacuum processed without centrifugation, and the DNA can be purified more quickly and conveniently.
Product specifications: 50T Extraction time The fastest 30 minutes Storage conditions The solution in the blood genomic DNA extraction kit can be stored for 12 months at room temperature (15-25 ° C) and stored at 2-8 ° C for longer periods of time. Under the storage conditions of 2-8 ° C, if the solution is precipitated, the solution in the kit should be allowed to stand at room temperature for a period of time before use, and if necessary, preheated in a 37 ° C water bath for 10 min. Product application Sample sources include: fresh or frozen whole blood or buffy coat, plasma or serum, bone marrow, lymphocytes, cultured cells, body fluids For research use only Data example