Axbio Fast RT- qPCR master mix

Product Description

1.The Axbio Fast RT-qPCR master mixl is designed for high-throughput, one-step, and rapid fluorescence quantification experiments. It contains highly purified Hot Start Taq DNA polymerase, reverse transcriptase, dNTP, MgCl2, and UNG and RNase inhibitors. The kit provides 10-X high / low ROX reference dye. The user can choose the concentration of the reference dye to correct the fluorescence signal difference between wells. Wide dynamic range (up to 7 linear ranges for accurate quantification) highly stable master mix can be used for the entire process of high-throughput clinical work.
2.Axbio PCR Master Mix is compatible with all fluorescent probe-based technologies, including TaqMan® and hybridization (FRET-based) probes. It is also compatible with most qPCR instrument platforms including: ThermoFisher, Agilent, Roche and BioRad.

Product Features

1. Axbio Fast RT-qPCR master mixl excellent multiple fluorescence quantitative analysis function, can detect up to 4 targets at the same time. Even RNA samples with poor purity can be reliably, quickly, reproducibly and accurately quantified, and single-digit copy templates are detected.

2. The premixed liquid specification is easy to construct the reaction system

3. Fewer pipetting operations minimize the risk of contamination.

4. Rapid diagnosis The unique functions of RT-qPCR master mix include the combination of dUTP and UNG in one reaction mixture.

Product specifications:
Experiment time
Storage conditions
Store at -20 ° C,
Product application

1. Conventional qPCR


     3. Genotyping

     4. Gene expression analysis

     5. Organization type

     6. Diagnostic screening (blood screening, diagnosis of infectious diseases)


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